Create Healthy Homes - Kill MOLD Odors in a Day!

Position Type:
1 - 20
Salary Range:
$10.00 - $50.00 Hourly
Our business, O2 Wizard, uses the latest technology that kills Mold and Odors in about a day, Guaranteed, or it's free! Our one-of-a-kind technology removes oxygen and suffocates unwanted living organism without chemicals. What returns is super-oxygenated air that helps restore health. Our non-invasive service is organic and helps 200 health issues! Most clients who call us about an issue in their home are actually calling us for another reason--they are "sick & tired of being sick & tired"! This impressive process stands out due to the fact that it is NOT a temporary fix, but is a cure that results in clean and healthy air ... a MUST FOR BETTER HEALTH.
We provide a complete turnkey training system and support for you to succeed including 50 low cost/ no cost strategic marketing methods. This is an ideal part-time job for a student or a Mom working around her children's schedules. Be in control of your work hours and your income. Collect a draw for weeks. Make 10 - 30% commission.
Until recently, solutions for removing mold were limited. You had to live with molds, musty and deadly odors, or have costly renovations done. Now, sick building syndrome (a building that makes you sick) is easy to cure. According to the EPA, 50% of homes in the United States have mold. So the need for the proven technology of O2 Wizard is endless. This technology works so well, we offer a money back guarantee to our customers! The average job takes 2-3 hours to set-up. Clients pay $500-$2,000, depending on the size of the home (or business) treated. Most jobs will be completed in about 22 hours, with the powerful machines doing most of the work.
We have very powerful machines that devour 32 cubic feet of oxygen per minute like pac man. Our technology seeks out oxygen and poisonous contaminants from outlets, A/C, ducts, fixtures, and from between walls, to treat an entire building in about a day. It destroys mold, odor, pests, bacteria and viruses. Plus it neutralizes toxins in homes like Formaldehyde, Sulfur, Cigarette smells, Benzene, Pesticides and many other harmful chemicals. Our technology works by turning the oxygen into a triatomic state. In other words, it vibrates the oxygen molecule into separate atoms. When this occurs, it no longer supports life and sanitizes the indoor air quality. This process is much more effective and often 99% less costly then removing walls and furnishing with visible mold or smelly contaminants, Guaranteed or your money back. The majority of the people that call us are sick n tired of being sick n tired! We love being able to rescue the health of homes, humans, pets & wallets.
You work from your home and vehicle. You can strictly do sales or sales and installation of the machines. The machines are put in one place, and the next day, they come out. Then they can go directly to the next job and be put in another place. While the machines are running, your time is free. You can make a very comfortable living working part-time doing a home or business each day.
No chemicals are used; it is an organic service. It is used by agricultural co-ops to kill mold, bacteria, and pests that make fruits and vegetables go bad. Plus, it neutralizes the pesticides that were used on them.
This one-of-a-kind process was originally developed at NASA. It is the only equipment of its kind that is patented. It works by breaking down the oxygen molecule. Mold and odors, both harmful living organisms, devour homes, furnishings, your body, and so much more.
This service saves people money as well as helps in more ways than you can imagine. Many clients tell us the service paid for itself with reduced illness; food lasts longer; they have more energy and productivity; and they use fewer cleaning supplies.
Most jobs you will likely do are more for sick building syndrome (SBS) and don't have much visual evidence of mold. The public finds this method appealing because there is no longer a need for tearing apart a home, so they have no structural damage--often a 99% savings.
There is one side effect. This process drives out 95% of pests. Even the worst infestations are brought under control since it kills the bacteria that bugs need to reproduce.
O2 Wizard is
indoor air quality solution. Our process is USDA approved and certified organic.
Visit our website for a list of health issues, more detail and a sampling of our happy clients... o2wizard.com.
Serious inquiries only, please.
We know you have more questions. Email Mr. & Mrs. Mold & Mildew for more details about this truly exciting business. No worries ... no high-pressure sales. We are looking for people who are just as excited as we are with helping people!
Kimi & Kenny Ayers
New Smyrna Beach, FL (Daytona/Orlando)

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